We design and build self-sustaining ecosystems around people.  This is called permaculture, short for permanent culture.  Our mission is to transform people's impact on the environment from a negative one into a positive one.

Let us help you turn your home, garden, farm, workplace, or vacant lot into a useful, beautiful, thriving ecosystem that takes care of itself and of you!

Ben Stallings headshot

Ben Stallings has been a certified permaculture designer since 2010. He operated an urban farm in Emporia, Kansas for eight years, bringing as many as 75 different crops to market in a season. He now lives in Omaha, Nebraska where he grows mostly flowers and berries, but he still teaches with the Kansas Permaculture Institute. Contact Ben

Evan Epperson headshot

Evan Epperson has been gardening since 2012 and earned his certification in 2019. He is passionate about all things permaculture and regenerative farming. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Contact Evan

Avi Pogel obtained his certification just after graduating from Grinnell College, in summer 2006. He spent two seasons at Bullock's Permaculture Homestead in Orcas, Island, Washington. He has co-taught multiple courses at MIU Sustainable Living Program and led numerous permaculture skill-building workshops. Based in Fairfield, Iowa, he manages edible landscapes and educates on small-scale polyculture design for suburban settings. Contact Avi

Liz Collins is a junior at KU majoring in Environmental Studies. They are fairly new to gardening and permaculture, having earned their certification in 2022, but they are excited to do more. Liz splits their time between Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas. Liz enjoys detailed design work and analyzing the potential of spaces. Contact Liz

Paul Turner is an urban planning and environmental studies student at KU. He received his certification in 2021 and is excited for the opportunity to work and learn more about permaculture. Paul lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Contact Paul

Victoria Reicheneker is a lifelong gardener and longtime student of permaculture who got certified as a designer in 2023. She lives in an off-grid homestead in the southern Missouri Ozarks, where she and her husband raise poultry, rabbits, dairy goats, and pigs. Together they are turning their raw land into a food forest paradise. Contact Victoria