The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee

Submitted by Ben Stallings on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:12

The Farm is legendary as one of the hippie communes founded during the Back to the Land movement. It's no longer a commune, but it is one of the longest-lasting intentional communities in the country. We stayed a night in their Ecovillage Training Center, which was not otherwise in use at the time.

See an album of photos of our visit to the Farm.

Sandhill Farm, Rutledge, Missouri

Submitted by Ben Stallings on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 16:06

Sandhill Farm is notable for being one of the longest lasting communes in the US, and for being one of the top producers of sorghum syrup in the Midwest. I stayed there for a few days in 2004 and helped with the sorghum harvest; then stopped by again in 2007 with a tour group from Fairfield.

See an album of photos of my visits to Sandhill Farm.

Surya Nagar Farm, Fairfield, Iowa

Submitted by Ben Stallings on Sat, 12/30/2017 - 10:37

Lonnie Gamble bought Surya Nagar Farm (Sanskrit for "home of the sun") in an off-grid development outside Fairfield in about 1994. By the time I saw it in 2004, he and his wife Valerie had built two strawbale houses and a hoop house on the property; by the time he sold it around 2015, there was also a strawbale barn that he used as a shop, office, and classroom. Lonnie's style of year-round gardening in an unheated hoop house was heavily influenced by Eliot Coleman, and he and Valerie named their son Eliot. Lonnie was one of my biggest inspirations in learning and teaching permaculture.