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We design and build self-sustaining ecosystems around people.  This is called permaculture, short for permanent agriculture.  Our mission is to transform people's impact on the environment from a negative one into a positive one. What's the big picture?

Let us help you turn your home, garden, farm, workplace, or vacant lot into a useful, beautiful, thriving ecosystem that takes care of itself and of you!

Permaculture Design services

Check out our brochure! (PDF, 1.5 MB)  Thanks to Graffikworx for the graphic design!

Broadscale site design, US$200

This package will get you started with a plan to make your property sustainably productive.

  • initial consultation and at least two observation visits (additional travel charges apply beyond 5 miles of Emporia, Kansas)
  • a rough base map of your property, including existing structures, topography, and sectors of outside influence
  • recommendations for placement of earthworks, large plantings, and other features
  • revisions to the plan due to weather observations over the first year

Additional design time, US$25/hour

  • revisions to your broad-scale plan after the first year
  • recommendations of specific plants for your soil & sun microclimates
  • customized design of plant guilds, polyculture plantings, greenhouses, etc.
  • implementation of design elements (plantings, construction)

"Instant garden" installation, starting at $75 (plus materials)

  • sheet mulch construction, including plastic or living barrier, aeration of soil, compost, mulch material, and optional fencing
  • installation includes garden plants as desired
  • can be installed directly over existing lawn, garden, weeds, or even pavement!
  • cost depends on size of plot and seasonal availability of materials
  • please allow at least a week for acquisition of materials

Mileage charges apply if your location is more than 5 miles outside Emporia, Kansas.

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Recycled Arts and Crafts

We also produce a variety of handmade arts and crafts for market, including some recycled materials.  Visit our store on Etsy!

Web development services

We are not taking on new Web development clients at this time.  

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